Bucket List

Posted: March 2, 2011 in March
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Well my mom gave me the idea a few month back and I like it. I am sure everyone has probably heard of the movie The Bucket List, but if you haven’t it is a very good movie about two elderly men who are trying to complete a list of things they want to do before they die. I want to make a list, but it’s not going to be as exciting as the things they came up with.

  1. Have a random and wild dance party with at least one other person.

dance party

2. Finally be able to tell a guy how I really feel about him.


3. Take a road trip across the country.

road trup

Yeah, my bucket list is kind of short but who knows, with time it could get longer!

  1. Jessica says:

    Don’t worry. The items will come to you so fast you’ll be adding to your list faster than you can check things off.

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