Post Spring Break

Posted: March 28, 2011 in March
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Well I am now  back at college and it’s kind of nice. It’s odd that this feels like my home. I just feel like this is the place I should be I suppose. But college is my life now. I just wish there were other things besides classes and my roommates in my life. Even though my roommates are perhaps my best friends in this part of my life, I still feel so very different and separate from them. I guess it’s like something is missing from my life.

Funny that this is the way this post turned out. I meant to write about how it feels so weird to be back from spring break and how I don’t want to be in classes again already, but we can’t all have our way I suppose. I really need to find a job. I need to know that next year I’ll be able to come back to college, but most of all I need to have somewhere to go this summer. If I just go home I’ll be helping on the farm building fence. That is such a waste of my time when I’ve been told and lectured time and time again to get a job.

Oh and bets are on again for when my roommate’s crazy ex boyfriend proposes to her. 🙂


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