Posted: April 2, 2011 in April
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I’ve got some conclusions to make. I have to decide right now what I want to happen in these last two months that I have. I could tell this guy that I like him and that could end a couple of ways. A. He could take me on dates, we make out and have fun and then it ends. B. He could freak out and stop talking to me and nothing could happen, ever. And then I could go with my very plausible plan B. I could continue this little friendship and still plan to write him on his mission and send him cookies and stuff like I said I would. And then maybe if I am lucky, something would happen when he got back…I am still deciding to be honest. I kind of want to tell him just to get some action, but then I know I will want more and plan B seems to have the wanting more part worked out…


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