Mud Bowl

Posted: April 16, 2011 in April
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Yesterday was an amazing afternoon. I was coming back from my last class and I get a call from one of my friends, Adam. He asked me if I had any nail polish remover. I told him yes and to meet me outside his dorm. I had the pleasant surprise however to find that once I had gotten into my dorm he and one of his friends were sitting on the couch. Adam’s friend Evan needed some of the nail polish to get something of his hands from doing plumbing work.

Once the nail polish ordeal was complete they told me about this thing going on later called Mud Bowl. I had heard about it before. My brother told me about it and it sounded like so much fun. I suppose it’s only really for college kids, because I didn’t see any younger people there. We go to a field that has been flooded and play in the mud. You can play football or just have mud fights. It got every where. I loved it.







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