Artistic License

Posted: April 18, 2011 in April
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I’ve read on the web recently how people are outraged or upset or whatever you want to call it over Lady Gaga’s new album’s, Born This Way, cover art. People don’t know what to think of it or why it looks the way it does.

Yes it’s controversial, yes it’s different. But isn’t that why some people like Lady Gaga? Because she’s so different and not afraid to let her true self shine. I belief that true artist (any artist; painting, photography or even a pop star) do what they do not to impress other’s but to be themselves. Sure Lady Gaga made it into a living, but she does it her way and it’s what fits her best. If people don’t think she’s appropriate or cool or whatever you want to cry against her that’s their opinion. And there is a very simple thing that could fix practically every problem here. The simple fix is if you don’t like Lady Gaga and what she does don’t listen to her music or pay attention to what she’s doing. Live your life the way you want to and let everyone else in the world live theirs.

Any person has the right to express their opinion, it’s just up to everyone else to listen or not to.


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