Posted: April 20, 2011 in April
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I would love to say that I am making a difference in this world, but my logical side reminds me that I am not. Every step I think is positive and taking me forward has a punch back in the shadows. I thought that today would be a day that I had made a leap and a bound, but it was actually just a small step after the kick to the face pushing me back. I keep thinking that this will all work out and I am doing what is right. But in reality this isn’t me. This is what other people want me to be. They want me to go after that guy that is obviously the good choice not that one random hot guy that is mysterious and cool. I don’t understand how both guys can be in the same world. Their opposites seem to push them away but instead it pulls them together in a friendship that wouldn’t normally happen. Something is supernatural but what could it be?


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