Beauty As Good As the Beast

Posted: April 29, 2011 in April
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When I was young I would sit and watch the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast all the time. I loved it. I think it solves a lot of my relationship problems today. I always go after the guys that are a form of beast; emotionally crippled, bad boys, guys that are going through a tough time and I try to find the good in them. Unfortunately there never really is much good in them. I realize too late that they’re all not good people deep down like Disney said they would be. I am looking for that hero in disguise, but he’s not coming…

So thank you Disney for teaching me when I was young that love conquers all and that there is a hero in disguise among us all and that I can help to fix him and that everything will be fine after that. In the real world you have to work hard for everything, love fades, people only care about themselves usually, something’s just are meant to be fixed and everything isn’t just great after words.

I should be more like Meg from Hercules. At least she knew the truth. And knew the pain.

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