Seeing Through the Crap

Posted: May 4, 2011 in May
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I was talking on the phone with my mom on the phone today and I am glad she and I are so alike. We were talking about guys and we’ve come to a conclusion together. I’ve said this before and it makes me glad that my mom agrees with me, but I am not going to go just for Mormon guys anymore. I don’t even really see myself marrying a Mormon guy, like my dad would want me to, anymore. I just have never been happy with a Mormon guy. They are so extreme no matter which way you look at them. They either are too afraid to try anything or they are so sex deprived that sex is all they can think about. I want a guy that finds me attractive and wants to have sex with me, but not right off. I want a guy that can just have fun with me. Someone that I can relate with and just kick back and not have to worry about all the little shit. Just a man that I know I can rely on, a guy that could save me if I need saving, a guy that is willing to just let me cry on his shoulder if I need to, a guy that when my destructive side comes out is willing to help me fulfill that desire. A guy that is so amazing that I couldn’t believe I’d found him and never would want to say good-bye to. (And preferable a guy with an amazing accent…)


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