Posted: May 6, 2011 in May
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I don’t even know anymore. God, I am just so tired right now. I don’t even know why I am tired. Sure it’s the week before finals and I am getting ready to move out of the dorms and I have to move this and this and this…but why should this stress me out? I am not nervous about my finals and I am not scared about moving. I don’t want to move, but I am okay with moving. I am going to be independent and able to take care of myself.

But that still doesn’t answer my question. I am sleeping, I promise. I been sleeping like a normal person should. And randomly I keep hearing a ringtone like my alarm clock going off. I use my phone as an alarm and I keep hearing this distorted sound of it going off. I just don’t understand. I am so tired I can’t even focus much. I think I’ve been trying to write this post for like 10 minutes or so.

And there goes another 5 minutes or so. Ironically the only thing that keeps going through my mind is me trying to figure out if the guy known as FPSRussia is really Russian. Ha as if I can actually tell if his accent is real or not! And then randomly thinking that I wouldn’t care if he didn’t have the actual accent but then I change my mind in an instant and yeah, I would care. I like him mostly because of that, the guns and explosives and being a gamer is just a bonus.

God I need some R&R. I am much too tired for any kind of mental activity…


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