My Reasons

Posted: June 8, 2011 in June
  1. He loves me.
  2. I love him.
  3. I want to have children with him.
  4. He actually cares about me.
  5. I care about him.
  6. We’re happy together.
  7. Stability.
  8. He’ll take care of me.
  9. He’s musical.
  10. He wants to be with me.
  11. He has the ability to take care of me.
  12. He’d make an amazing father.
  13. Agreeable.
  14. He’s supportive.
  15. He’s open to me being a stay at home mom or working if I want.
  16. He loves dogs.
  17. He’s tall.
  18. Humor
  19. He compliments me all the time.
  20. He’s attractive.
  21. He’s family oriented.
  22. Makes me smile.
  23. He’s sweet.
  24. Affectionate.
  25. Never boring.
  26. My mom will love him.
  27. He wants to be around me.
  28. His family seems to like me.
  29. He’s a good person.
  30. He loves Assassin’s Creed as much as I do.
  31. He can cook.

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