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Posted: August 31, 2010 in August
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Yeah, I really hate being single. I miss things about having a boyfriend. The secrets that you never wanted to tell anyone else. Staying up late to text him. Waking up and hating yourself for falling asleep while texting him. I just miss having someone to really talk to I guess. I don’t like not being able to tell everything to someone. Sure girlfriends are always there to listen, but girls talk. Guys, sure maybe they’ll actually listen, but you know they aren’t going to tell someone else. I miss knowing that someone actually cared that I was having a crappy day. I miss hearing him chuckle when I would start talking quieter as my dad walked by my room. I really miss knowing that I was his and he was mine…



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Whenever I hear people whispering I feel like asking, “Should I play some music so I don’t have to hear your stupid muffled whispers?” I wish people would just realize that if you whisper a conversation it only makes people want to know what you’re talking about more. Well at least that’s what I think about it. Honestly I really couldn’t careless what people are talking about. I am in my own little world so much that you could be talking to me and I wouldn’t hear you.

What’s in my little world you ask? My own problems. Why is this guy doing this? What does my ass look huge in these jeans but not these? When’s the next time I can go dancing? How can I get my math teacher to jump into retirement early? How can I get this guy to notice me? It’s a crazy place and I get so caught up inside of it that the real world is something I am totally oblivious to.

Please Don’t

Posted: August 31, 2010 in August

Don’t tell me I don’t have a chance in hell. I already know that. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t even try, I already know that it’s probably not going to work. Don’t tell me I can’t do this, because I’ll just want to prove you wrong. Don’t tell me that you love me, I know you’re lying. Don’t tell me that I am stupid, I already know that too. Don’t tell me I am doing what’s right, I still feel crappy. Don’t tell me it’ll be okay, I just don’t care anymore. Don’t tell me to wait for them to come around, I know they won’t.

Okay so I am slightly paranoid at the moment. I had Chinese food last night and of course I got a fortune cookie. The fortune says, “Your efforts are budding. Results will appear soon.” So I asked my roommate what have my efforts been lately. She told me boys, which is very true. I’ve been flirting with every guy I think is remotely good looking because I am tired of being alone or bored. I also read my tarot cards and they said something quite similar to the fortune cookie. I don’t believe in superstition and luck which is rather hilarious seeing that I listen to fortune cookies and tarot cards when the mood strikes. I guess what I am saying is I  wonder what’s going to happen because I have a few guys that could be interested. I am just so tired of perfecting the one night stand of dating…I guess I just have crappy taste in guys…

Roommates Part 3

Posted: August 31, 2010 in August

So I freaking love my roommates. They are so amazing. I have three that actually live in the same room with me.

Beka was the first one I met. She is so amazing. She is a cheerleader at our college and she’s just so awesome. She’s one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. She’s not a hypocrite and I love that about her. She’s just an amazing person. She’s so sweet too.



Hahaha! Beka drew this for me! It’s a picture of a human heart!

Then there’s Shyanne. She a sweet little shy girl, but once she gets out of her shell she’s so awesome. She got hyper once and wow, she’s just so cool!


The last one I met was Jackie. She’s very cool. I love how we hang out for one day and at dinner the same night we’re sharing a plate or two…Hahaha! She’s amazing!


Okay so in my photography class our first assignment was to take pictures of clouds. What do you think?

HPIM0637 HPIM0638 HPIM0639 HPIM0640 HPIM0641


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My self esteem took a massive blow today. After only ever being told that I am attractive by one guy in my live and then having him break up with me abruptly and now finding that college isn’t much better than high school in the guy department. Honestly I really miss my ex right now. At least with him I knew I turned him on. Now I am just in the dark and no amount of flirting or dancing like a slut with save me. My raft has sprung a leak and I am sinking. Fast.