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Posted: June 1, 2011 in June
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I haven’t done any real writing a very long time, so let’s see what I can do now that I am just sitting and thinking about that. I’ve just been so busy lately. From moving in to getting settled and then going back to school because I am taking summer classes. I am ready for a summer break. Maybe when I actually have time I’ll just go down for a weekend or so and stay with my mom. That would be nice. Kind of like old times too. I think the summer before I came to college and weekends my senior year were the best for me. That’s when I would go to my mom’s apartment and we’d get a movie and either go out for some food or make something at home and we’d just crash and have fun together. Those were great times. I remember once I stayed there for like 5 days straight. It was a long weekend for school and I would go to work with her. It was all just so great.

Well this isn’t as long as I’d hope I would write, but it’s almost time for me to go to school. There are other things I still want to tell, but they will have to wait. And perhaps something I shouldn’t tell the world. Though I doubt highly my voice and thoughts are heard through out the world on this little blog.


College Worries

Posted: May 11, 2011 in May
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I truly despise moving. I’ve never really moved big time in my life, but coming and going from college. But I hate it. I think right now it’s just the oh my god I am not coming back feeling I have right now. And the oh god how am I going to survive the summer with no job. I had an interview but they decided not to hire me. If something comes open they will, but until then I don’t know…


Posted: May 10, 2011 in May
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I am getting nervous about moving out. I am not nervous about where I am living or who is my landlord. All of those are easy. I am living on my uncle’s property and he’s my landlord. What worries me is my roommate. One of my roommates from the dorms is going to live there with me, but I am wondering how this is going to work out. She’s very much independent and I am still getting used to the idea. I know my uncle won’t push us around and stuff, but she gets…odd about things when I ask if it’s ok if someone spends the night or sits in on dinner. To me that’s just being considerate of others. If my uncle isn’t comfortable with someone staying or being there then they won’t be there.

I am also worried about the close quarters and how I am going to be treated. My roommate is gay and she’s already talked about having sex there with her girlfriend. I told her I didn’t want them doing that there. Most of that decision is for my sake but then there’s the thoughts of how my family would feel about that. I love my roommate like a sister, but if I am not going to be treated fairly or my opinion isn’t going to be heard I might as well have gone home to my father.

My roommate is assertive in ways I am not. But sometimes she asserts all over me. “When are you going to be independent? When are you going to stop letting your father rule you?” You have to understand my situation. It’s not an easy one…I know we both have had hard lives before college, but she can’t just assume she had it worse and she knows how everything should be handled. I don’t like just jumping into a “solution” for a problem. I have to think about how it’s going to effect me and others…