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6 Months by Hey Monday

Posted: May 24, 2011 in May
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You’re the direction I follow to get home
When I feel like I can’t go on you tell me to go
And it’s like I can’t feel a thing without you around
And don’t mind me if I get weak in the knees
Cause you have that effect on me
You do
Everything you say
Every time we kiss I can’t think straight
But I’m okay
And I can’t think of anybody else
Who I hate to miss as much as I hate missing you
Months going strong now and no goodbye
Always by my side
Meant to be together
Meant for no one but each other
You love me
I love you harder so
Everything you say
Every time we kiss I can’t think straight
But I’m okay
And I can’t think of anybody else
Who I hate to miss as much as I hate missing you
So please give me your hand
So please give me a lesson on how to steal
Steal the heart
As fast as you stole mine
As you stole mine yeah
Oh and everything you say
Every time we kiss I can’t think straight
But I’m okay
And I can’t think of anybody else
Who I hate to miss as much as I hate missing you
So please give me your hand
So please just take my hand.


  1. When I know something is wrong, but I am not sure what is wrong or I don’t know exactly how to fix it I like to listen to The Dave Matthews Band.                                                  
  2. I also like to Dave Matthews when I miss my mom. She listens to him a lot and it brings back memories.       
  3. I am spontaneous, but I will occasionally look before I jump.                                                        
  4. I am really good with sensory details and terrible with names. If you want me to remember something usually saying something like the blonde guy or the car that smelled like peppermint is better than Jared or the Toyota.                                                                                                                
  5. I love to cook.                                                             
  6. I want a lime green Chevy Camaro someday.                                                                       

Pictures from Google Images.


Posted: April 29, 2011 in April
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I’ve created something that I think is just so beautiful right now. I did a little experimenting and merged two of my favorite pictures. They’re my favorites because of the colors and forms and now I have something that is purely mine and beautiful.

angel-wings-tattoos This is one of the pictures. I love this tattoo and want to get it some day.

smashed chest I love the real and imaginative features of this one.

smashed angel wings This is my creation. I love it.

It makes me giggle a little how popular blogging has become. I was on Facebook earlier and saw that my brother has started his first blog. Haha! I love it. It’s called Thoughts from a Mormon Cowboy! I hope the link works. It’s so very my brother. He’s on a mission right now for our church, The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (wow that’s a mouth full to type…), and he’s being very, I like to call it, common sense about comparing religion to every day life living on a ranch.

around the house 038

We were raised on a ranch. I think it may have been the best thing for us. Our father taught us to have common sense and to always think. Most people don’t do that much now. My father says that he raised us the best he thought he could and I believe he did an awesome job. The things that people think are so important for parents to do, those small things that don’t really matter, like going to every single play or match or anything didn’t happen a lot. But my dad was always showing his support for us. He’d go to as many games as he could and he always made sure we had what we needed. He did great.


I think back and what really encouraged me to start my blog? Well I was watching a movie about a girl who started a cooking blog, I believe it was called Julie and Julia, and I thought, “How great would it be to get my thoughts and ideas out of just my small area and maybe find people who share my opinion or maybe even find people who challenge my ideas and make me have to try and prove they are worth fighting for.” I would encourage everyone to try and write a blog or just to write. Challenge your ideas and challenge others to write along side you! Imagine how much intellect we could cause to explode if we all challenged our ideas and tried to teach each other! It would be an Enlightenment Age all over again. A Renaissance of ideas. And not only ideas, but subject matter! Think of all that could stem from just an idea. Art, music, politics, architecture, philosophy, anything we could put our minds to!

Well I’ve had my fill of sex talks and discussions to last a lifetime. I think I am truly done playing a game called Territory War Online. The people that play that can be interesting at times, but oh so dirty…

To one person from this game all I have to say is thanks so much for comparing my vagina to deep space. Just so any guy knows when you break into Star Trek quotes when you’re trying to hook up with a girl, know that if she’s not a total nerd you’re going to be shot down so fast! “I want to go where no man has gone before.” Right…that’s a total turn off!

Bucket List

Posted: March 2, 2011 in March
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Well my mom gave me the idea a few month back and I like it. I am sure everyone has probably heard of the movie The Bucket List, but if you haven’t it is a very good movie about two elderly men who are trying to complete a list of things they want to do before they die. I want to make a list, but it’s not going to be as exciting as the things they came up with.

  1. Have a random and wild dance party with at least one other person.

dance party

2. Finally be able to tell a guy how I really feel about him.


3. Take a road trip across the country.

road trup

Yeah, my bucket list is kind of short but who knows, with time it could get longer!

Okay, I haven’t written a good lengthy post in well a while. All of my good long posts are intermixed with random quotes (mostly lyrics) and not really just me. So I think I’ll try and get everything out as a stress relief right now and see where it goes. I really don’t have any real direction for this in mind.

So, where to begin? I haven’t really written anything long and slightly random like this in a very long time. Usually when I do this I am half asleep, but I haven’t been a real insomniac in a while. I’ve actually been doing pretty okay on the sleeping front. Weird dreams here and there and some night I honestly just don’t want to sleep. But usually as soon as I lay down it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep anymore. I think that’s because I do so much walking around and other stuff here at college. The only place I actually drive to is Wal-Mart and I try not to go there too often.

I think my body is just too tired to even try to lose sleep over stress. Sure I have my present predicament with a certain guy. (In case you’re totally lost I like this guy and I can’t tell him that I do. He’s a good Mormon boy and he’s getting ready to go on a mission. He’s told me as a friend that he doesn’t want to be distracted by a girlfriend waiting at home for him. Honestly I think he’d make an amazing missionary even if he were distracted. He doesn’t know that I am honestly considering the thought of if we were together that I would probably wait for him if he asked me to. He doesn’t know because he doesn’t see me as being into him, which is partly my fault of being too chicken to tell him. I know what you’re thinking, when am I going to grow up and finally feel confident enough to tell a guy that I am into him? Probably not for a very long time. Every time I’ve tried it doesn’t end well. I always want guys I really can’t or shouldn’t have…) And now there’s the problem with my roommate’s persistent ex-boyfriend. He just broke up with his last girlfriend and is creeping around my dorm again…

This guy has had like 2 or 3 girlfriends since my roommate. One dumped him within a day. Why girls honestly want to date him I have no idea. I think he puts on a nice little show for them when they first meet. Make them think he’s a good little Mormon boy that just wants to get married when he meets the right girl. And oh maybe it’s you or you or you…Please girls really aren’t that stupid (I think). We talk and we do have eyes. “Wait wasn’t that guy with that girl last week?” Yeah he’s just such scum that he moves on to another innocent sap each week or so. Sadly my roommate was one of the saps. Maybe this time she’ll listen to her friends when we say, “Don’t do it!”.

stupid boy

It’s starting to get warm again here in Arizona. This is good and bad, all at the same time. The days are going to be so miserably hot that you won’t want to do anything but find shade or a breeze (or a sprinkler…), but once the sun starts to go down it gets just right. I love going out at around twilight during the warm months. I don’t say summer because seeing how I am in Arizona it’s usually warm here! I am a night person for sure! I love just going out and walking around campus here at my college when it’s like midnight and just looking up at the stars. That’s what I love about this town, it’s bigger than my hometown but since there is an observatory on the mountain the lights in the city have to be dim. It’s so great. 


This is just a cool picture I have from when I was in photography class. I think it’s so amazing that those are actually tail light from a car. Photography is just so amazing. In a blink of an eye you capture a moment in time for a forever memory. Art in general is the same, it’s just that painting or sculpting takes longer. I am in a ceramics class this semester and I love it. I took pottery in high school for two years and I missed it so much.

I think it’s funny that half way through this post I decided to put in random pictures. I just think posts with pictures are more exciting and more fun to read. I bet people scroll through posts just to see if there are pictures and if one catches their eye that’s the post the read. I know that’s how most people have to choice what they read. How do I know this? I do it too. 🙂 Honestly that’s what usually draws me in, a cool random picture that makes you wonder what this post could be about.

Well I think this little experiment worked rather well. Most of it was just random little thought that were mostly happy. I’ll have to try this again sometime.